We are an authorized distributor of GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.

Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Cast mono, PERC modules, Bi-facial, Half cell & Double glass modules with latest PV technology are available to match the unique needs of our clients as part of our custom-built solutions.
We provide an extensive range of high-performance smart Inverters from the world’s leading manufactures with reliable manufacturer warranties.
After observing battery behaviours minutely we have selected maintenance-free technology with longest life & best possible consumption.
Our charge controllers with maximum power point tracker assure unmatchable features not only to boost up PV array performance but also enhance the life of your batteries & optimizes the match between utility grid.
We provide an extensive range of high-performance smart solar accessories

Our Services

Energy Audit

A Free Energy Audit is provided to correctly estimate the unique energy needs of our customer.

Complete System Design

Our specially designed system is designed by MCS certified Installer which meets the requirement of renewable energy in Building Regulations meets the terms of local planning conditions and we ensure predictable & effective performance.

Installation and Testing

We take ownership of complete installation and testing phase of the project and design system which comply on MCS standards. Only after meeting all functionality and safety benchmarks and complete customer satisfaction the system is handed over to the customer.


Our Vast logistics experience allow us to guarantee in-time delivery with significantly reduced cost.

Warranties and Guaranties

All appropriate Guaranties of the products used are available in the products section. All warranties of the processes involved are provided to the customer prior to the initiation of the project.

After Sales Planned Maintenance

After-sales planned maintenance of our services are delivered as part of our package to your energy needs solution.


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Environmental Responsibility

The average Solar PV system 6 KW will offset 178 tons of carbon.

Which saves the amount of fuel a vehicle takes to drive 391463 miles or 630,000 KM, which would be enough to drive around the globe 15.6 times
planting 10 hockey rinks full of trees.
Help eliminating the need to burn 72 tons of coal. Install solar panels for homes

Our Projects