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MCS Certified Installer


RECC Trading Standard, Consumer Code

About Solar Ecologist

Having been accredited by MCS, we have years of experience installing renewable energy products in both commercial and residential settings. With a variety of accreditations under our belt, we are able to provide a professional installation with government incentives, where possible.
We collaborate with you to minimise inconvenience while ensuring that every appliance is inspected, logged, and certified in accordance with industry standards.

Our Team

Our fully integrated 50+ specialists have vast experience and knowledge. We have the highly dedicated professional team of project design engineers, electrical and innovative installation consultants, MCS qualified installers, procurement and quality assurance team to deliver unrivalled performance. Our teamwork lead by examples, Inspire by success, motivate by Goals to encourage mentors.
We believe in the importance, continues training and living opportunities to our valuable team.
We value hard work, creativity and success of our staff to own the company.
Our nationwide sales and marketing agents utilize facilities to perform tirelessly to meet our expectations.
We offer most momentous dedicated customer support Nationwide.