About Solar Ecologist

Solar Ecologist is one of the leading UK based private Ltd. company with vast experience in the Green energy sector and provides best Products, Solutions and Services nationwide. We are considered as one of the finest structured and integrated company in the industry. We work for you to understand your individual needs and to improve your energy efficiency. Solar Ecologist combine all aspects of energy-efficient technology to reduce your electricity consumption and save you money. Our specialist team have vast experience and knowledge in our products, we design energy storage systems in a way that balance size, energy production and availability of capital to generate the ideal returns for our customers. We work only with franchised distributions of globally leading brands. We deem the permanent evaluation of our supplier’s performance ratings with microscopic electrical tests is our prime responsibility.

We have developed a wealth of experience in developing and implementing renewable solutions for the new build, residential and commercial sectors.

Our Mission

We pride to be economical, efficient and eco-friendly. Our priority is to deliver beauty with reliability and compatibility by only using highly durable quality products.

Our Vision

Our passion is to contribute in the renewable sector to generate energy for the future with innovation and creativity.

Our Values

Go Green, restore nature & save the environment
Our professional team of project design engineers, innovative consultants and professional installers aim to deliver unrivalled performance to meet your expectations.

Our Team

Our fully integrated 50+ specialists have vast experience and knowledge. We have the highly dedicated professional team of project design engineers, electrical and innovative installation consultants, MCS qualified installers, procurement and quality assurance team to deliver unrivalled performance. Our teamwork lead by examples, Inspire by success, motivate by Goals to encourage mentors.
We believe in the importance, continues training and living opportunities to our valuable team.
We value hard work, creativity and success of our staff to own the company.
Our nationwide sales and marketing agents utilize facilities to perform tirelessly to meet our expectations.
We offer most momentous dedicated customer support Nationwide.